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12 Little-Known Facts About Vitamin ADK

Get the Power of Vitamins A, D, & K, All in One Simple Formula

Are You Getting the Right Amounts of Vitamins A, D, & K Necessary to Boost Your Thyroid Health?

It's all too common to see doctors and health practitioners recommend either Vitamin A or Vitamin D (depending on your lab results), but rarely do we see them both together.

What most medical professionals fail to realize is supplementing Vitamin D can actually deplete your body of Vitamin A and vice versa!

Vitamin A is commonly prescribed because it works synergistically with thyroid hormone (T3) to help boost thyroid function. For this reason, among others, we commonly see people that are already taking thyroid hormone and potentially even Vitamin A, but for reasons they can't explain, the combination either isn't working or it worked for a while and then seemed to just stop.

When we set out to create a thyroid-boosting supplement that would work hand-in-hand with thyroid hormone (T3), we knew it had to include Vitamin D, but we didn't stop there...

Hypothyroidism sufferers tend to be both Vitamin D and calcium deficient.

And what vitamin helps increase the body's ability to absorb calcium?

You guessed it, Vitamin K. And thus our Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula was born!

Dr. Broda Barnes, M.D. Discovered Something Interesting

Not only is it important to make sure we get the proper balance of Vitamins A, D, & K, we also need to ensure we are consuming these vitamins in the correct form.

When most people think of Vitamin A, they think of carrots. Carrots contain a rich source of beta-carotene, which when over-consumed will actually suppress your thyroid.

Dr. Broda Barnes explains the liver dysfunction that occurs with hypothyroidism and goes on to warn that too much beta carotene can actually turn the skin yellowish / orangish:

"It has been apparent for a century that patients with myxedema (very low thyroid activity) have a yellowish tint to their skins. This has been found to be due to the presence of too much carotene in the blood."

The usable form of Vitamin A you want to look for is known as retinyl palmitate, preferable dissolved is some sort of PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid) oil such as coconut oil.

And the same goes for ensuring you have the proper form of both Vitamin D and Vitamin K. The wrong type and the wrong dosages of each can end up causing a lot more harm than good!

Here at Forefront Health, We Want to Help You Get Back to the Happy, Healthy You!

We put countless hours into formulating each one of our supplements so you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the highest quality product on the market.

Each one of our products has been specifically created to help unblock & boost one or multiple parts of the 5 levels of the Thyroid Hormone Pathway, so you can get back to living the life you deserve.

Forefront Health products come backed by our Money-Back Guarantee. They are sold exclusively on our website and nowhere else.

Our all-in-one Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula is an all-natural vitamin supplement designed specifically to re-balance thyroid hormone levels, re-activate both the thyroid & liver, and restore a healthy metabolism & thyroid function.

This all-powerful vitamin supplement helps to increase active thyroid hormone levels by up to 61%, decrease TSH by up to 33% so your thyroid doesn't have to works so hard, and decrease Hashimoto's TPO-antibodies by 46.7% to protect you and your thyroid from autoimmune disease.

It also helps to restore youthful, healthy skin, restore bone & joint health, and boost your immunity.

Remember, you need to balance Vitamin A with Vitamin D. By themselves they can cause more harm than good, but together when paired with Vitamin K, they make an unstoppable trio.

As the founder of Forefront Health, Tom Brimeyer suffered from hypothyroidism for years.

After too many doctors visits to count that led to nothing but dead ends, he set out to do his own research on the topic of hypothyroidism.

Fast forward a few months later, he has successfully beat hypothyroidism and eradicated his symptoms allowing him to get back to living the life he had long since forgotten.

Backed by research and the proof that he was able to beat the disease that's been shrouded in mystery and lies, he set out to tell the world about his own transformation and began helping others do the same and Forefront Health was born.

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All Forefront Health are all natural and made right here in the USA. Each product has been carefully crafted to not just help with specific symptoms, but address the root cause of the specific ailment you are suffering from.

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