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Molecular Progesterone Complex

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"I have lost my bloated belly, my candida is not bothering me at all, and I’m dreaming every single night. I don’t remember the last time I dreamt, let alone every single night...and I have energy during the day."

- Jessica, Molecular Progesterone Complex Customer

The natural alternative - our Molecular Progesterone Complex is a pro-thyroid supplement that can help improve sleep, reduce joint pain, protect against stress & anxiety, relieve hot flashes/flushes, improve fertility, protect against ovarian cysts & fibrocystic breasts, and so much more!

If you're looking for a progesterone supplement that will help improve your quality of sleep, help keep your stress & anxiety at bay, and reduce menopause symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats, pms, menstrual irregularities, et cetera, then look no further!

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      Amy .
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      I can’t believe this is real!

      My little bottle took forever to reach me all the way Downunder & I had just about given up on receiving it only to have it show up a couple of days before ovulation, so I was ready To give it a shot in my luteal phase as per instructions. I massaged 3 drops into my gums 3 times a day. No bloating, no big food cravings, no constipation, no cramping, no psychotic moods, clear thinking/mental focus, no cold shivering & purging feeling of day one of period... & last but not least (I hope this is not too TMI btw)... a full 5 day period for the first time in my life! I had always heard that my thyroid was just perfect from Drs & my fertility specialist but according to my naturopath it was not & the ranges used by mainstream medicine are far too wide. By the guidelines & ranges presented here I was mildly hypothyroid, but hypothyroid nonetheless. My TSH has come down from 2 to 1.4 after 4 months of liquid iodine supplementation & T4 & T3 are almost up to what really is perfect. I’m about to have my thyroid checked again but might hold off until I have a few more months of this progesterone complex under my belt. I am desperately trying to conceive & I know nothing can be guaranteed but if this stuff can make such a huge difference in such a short timeframe it must at least be of some help & certainly will not hurt my efforts. Although things had got better & better over the years high anxiety & stress levels dominated my childhood & adolescence & based on what I’ve read this can set up the cascade of estrogen dominance. Although my cortisol tests come back normal these days I strongly suspect my younger self must’ve had levels through the roof. This little bottle is great value also as its going to last for ages. I will be ordering a lifetime supply soon in plenty of time so it reaches me lol.

      Robin F.
      United States United States

      Best ever!!

      I love this product!

      A Forefront Health Customer
      Jennifer L.
      United States United States

      Love this Progesterone!

      This product has helped greatly with my menopause symptoms and helped relieve a nagging cough that had been hanging around for over a year!

      Lucena A.
      United States United States

      So far, so good

      Easy to use, doesn't taste bad. A bit early to give a proper review but my temp is going up and my sleeping is getting easier. All signs point to positive!

      Theresa L.
      United States United States

      Getting started

      Just getting started but seem to feel a bit better , not so tired

      United States United States

      just what I needed

      I stopped bio identical hormone therapy because it involves costly testing with my naturopath, and the alternative from Kaiser (no tests, still pricey) came with strong side effects and warnings (not really a high quality bio identical ) . After 3 months off of those choices, my sleep patterns were disrupted again. When I found this product and started using it - after about 10 days my sleep stabilized and interruptions were minimized . I am quite pleased with the results.

      Irene H.
      United States United States

      Molecular Progesterone Complex

      I began to feel better almost immediately after starting the Molecular Progesterone Complex. After dealing with very high cortisol for years and not being able to sleep at night, I am just very grateful to find something that is helping with all that. Thank you for all you are doing. I am very hopeful that in time the Molecular Progesterone Complex will help eliminate the SIBO that has caused me to develop several food sensitivities and food allergies, including an IgE allergy to orange juice and dairy. In the meantime I am taking the Molecular Progesterone Complex and substituting a couple bites of banana for the orange juice along with the salt when I take my Nature Throid and Cytomel. Yes, I definitely recommend Molecular Progesterone Complex.

      sarah m.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom

      Molecular Progesterone Complex

      I absolutely love this product for bringing me a feeling of balance and for hugely reducing hot flushes and completely stopping night sweats.

      Nicole A.
      United States United States

      Molecular Progesterone

      Easy to use and has helped me manage my estrogen dominance.

      Julie L.
      United States United States

      I feel better

      I’m using this progesterone oil in conjunction with the progesterone cream of another brand I’ve had to lower the dose of due to a manufacturing shortage and I feel better. My main symptom of anxiety is much improved. I will be order more right away!!