Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device

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"Once I discovered how powerful red light therapy could be and the benefits it has on thyroid health, I knew I had to try it. Fast forward almost one month later and I'm hooked."

- Sherri, Forefront Health Customer

Our Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device is perfect for Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's thyroiditis sufferers looking to boost their thyroid health, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, prevent hair loss, help with weight management by boosting energy & metabolism at the cellular level, help with arthritis, and general pain & inflammation.

Therapeutic red light is great for those looking to improve skin health, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and prevent hair loss, while Near-Infrared (NIR) light penetrates deeper into the tissue & muscles. Near-Infrared light is used to help restore healthy thyroid function, reduce general pain & inflammation, and improve recovery times after strenuous activity. 

Get the best of both worlds (skin + deep tissue) with both Red + NIR!

Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device details:

  • Each light comes with 3 settings - Red, NIR, and both Red + NIR
  • Can be used as standalone product or mounted to a door or wall
  • Quad-Wave Peak Activation (620nm, 670nm, 760nm, 830nm)
  • Size: 10.25" x 8.25" x 2.75"
  • LEDs: 60 x 5W
  • Irradiance: >150 mW/cm2 @ 6 inches.

Power Cord Options: Our Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device is designed to operate anywhere in the world using a wide input voltage range from 85 to 265 Volts AC. Available power cord options include:

  • US/CA
  • UK
  • EU
  • AU

Orders will ship with the appropriate power cord based on the delivery address of the order. Is your country not listed? All devices will also operate with a simple US plug adapter (not included).

Why You'll Love the Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device

This Is Where the Magic Happens

Why We Chose to Include 4 Wavelengths...

Easy As 1-2-3!

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    Gretchen B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Quad-Wave red light therapy Device rocks!

    I absolutely love my red light sessions. I have already had to reduce my Armour. This light seriously makes me feel good after I use it. I highly recommend it!

    Horonic-kidder, M.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great Value

    I use this Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device night. I place it very close to my thyroid to help me with lowering my antibodies due to Hashimotos. I can feel it working and am looking forward to the long-term benefits for my whole body. Other comparable brands are very expensive for a smaller device. This device was far larger than I expected for a great price.

    James A.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    A Professional-quality device

    This is a superbly-constructed item. I expected much less, so VERY pleasantly surprised. It has a couple of flaws, which are fixable with some ingenuity. #1 is that there are no spacers on the 'back' corners to hold the light away from the door (or wall, etc.) when mounted. When hanging on a flat surface, there isn't any space for air to get to the cooling-fan intake. I fixed this by adding four felt 'feet' to the corners, which allowed room for cooling air to enter the fan. It is a tribute to its quality design that no-one has had a problem with overheating, which could shorten the lifespan of the circuitry. #2 is that there are no handles, and this is an issue because it is not hard to get careless and have it slide out from under your grip and possibly become damaged. This was solved with the addition of an inexpensive hardware-store drawer handle. With these two improvements, the device is absolutely perfect. I am currently trying to perfect a 'holder' for the lamp that I can use on an adjustable swing-pedestal to 'aim' the light when I am sitting or resting, etc. Again, I am impressed that such a well-made lamp is being made available to the public.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Stunning results for plantar fasciitis

    I bought this in hopes to treat numerous issues, mainly thyroid, eczema, and my miserable foot which has been suffering from plantar fasciitis for over 2 months. On the first day I got the machine, I used it for 3 minutes on my foot, and 3 minutes on my face and neck. The very next day, I was shocked to see some improvement in my foot. I continued with 3 minutes per day, and each day my foot got noticeably better. I've had the machine for 9 days, and my foot is so much better that I can now run (jog) for my usual 4 miles a day with only minor discomfort. I am amazed. Also, the eczema all over my neck has improved a lot (in just one week, 3-4 minutes a day!). I've also noticed I've been sleeping better/more deeply this past week (could be a coincidence). And, I think my face looks ever so slightly younger/brighter. Also, my eyes seem less tired from computer light, and less sensitive to light in general. I also think my eyesight has become a bit sharper (and I wear goggles when using it on my face, but not foot so my eyes get some red light, indirectly). I could not be happier with this wonderful product! THANK YOU for making it (it's the only red light device available with 760 wavelength, by the way, which seems to be the best wavelength for thyroid treatment), and thank you for selling it at a cheaper price than comparable units sold by other companies. I love my red light machine!

    Angila L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product



    Pam G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Starting slow

    Seems like a solid piece of equipment. Taking it slow, too soon to tell if it’s making a difference

    Delores W.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device

    I'm enjoying it very much. The lights are very warm and I can almost feel it working. Only been using it for a month or so. Not sure what kind of results to expect. We can't see our cells being healed. It is very well made, easy to use. Works great, lights are bright but using the goggles that come with it or simply closing your eyes when using it works. Does not damage the eyes. I just set my timer on my phone and sit it next to me so I know how long I've been using it. I'm hoping to grow back eyebrows and some hair on the top of my head.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Worth every penny!!

    When I purchased this, I had my doubts. I use it on so many parts of my body that I seriously need a larger one. I use it mostly for my thyroid and face and liver area. It works great on my thyroid and I use it for about 20 minutes almost directly on it. My TSH is so low right now. 7/22/21 it was 2.05 before the light. I tested it again on 1/25/22 and it had dropped to .021 with not a lot of use as had covid for about 2 weeks. So to be sure it was actually the light I waited to write this. I rechecked again 6 weeks later as my dr lowered my meds from 125mcg to 100mcg and it its still low at .082. My FT4 was 1.90 and now 1.20 which is normal range now. T3 is 105 which is normal as well. I am also using their thyroid glandular 65mg and progesterone. I was consistently using those long before the light. My dr once again dropped my dosage to 75mcg and go back in 6 weeks again. Curious to see what happens as I felt that was too big a drop this time. Weirdly I am gaining weight, not losing. So far it has also helped my skin some, not as much as I would like. I have granuloma annulare and rosacea and balding in the front of my scalp. No help with sleep or weight. Not a cure-all, that's for sure but am super impressed with my thyroid results. I have slowed down in it's use so that I am not pushing my body too fast and make myself crazy!!!

    Erica T.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    I love it!

    I love my Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device. I use it not only on my thyroid but on the peripheral neuropathy in my feet daily. I look forward to seeing the effects after I have used it long enough. I must also give kudos to the customer service I received. I thought my device was faulty and they sent out a replacement immediately, patiently answering the many questions I asked. Fortunately, the fault was not in the machine, but in the "operator's" handling of it, so I will be returning the replacement.

    Robert A.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product

    Red Light

    Definitely helps with my sleep quality. Dont wake up as tired. Also when used on sore muscles and joints, their is noticeably less pain and more mobility after a couple of sessions. Use it for thyroid issues too and have noticed a much more positive demeanour, less stress, and generally all around better mood.

    Forefront Health Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device Review