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5 Little-Known Ways to Boost Your Thyroid with Collagen Protein

How to Boost Your Thyroid with Collagen Protein

1) Collagen Can Boost Your Thyroid Hormone Levels by Unblocking Your Thyroid Gland

2) Collagen Can Boost Your Thyroid Hormone Conversion by Lowering Cortisol

3) Collagen Can Boost Your Thyroid Hormone Conversion by Lowering Endotoxin

4) Collagen Can Boost Your Thyroid and Metabolism by Improving Blood Sugar Regulation

5) Collagen Can Boost Your Thyroid by Improving Your Ability to Use Thyroid Hormone (T3)

Are You Getting Enough Collagen to Support Your Thyroid Health?

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein, accounting for roughly 35% to 50% of all protein in your body.

It’s essential to support your thyroid and thousands of metabolic processes occurring within your body each and every day.

Collagen has been shown to help prevent (and even correct) a number of inflammatory and degenerative diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, and even the big C.

Yet, most importantly, it’s a protein that almost everyone is deficient in, including you.

Dr. Broda Barnes and Dr. Ray Peat Agree

Research shows that we are severely deficient in collagen to the point that scientists are recommending that supplementation is the only way to “guarantee a healthy metabolism”.

Scientists and doctors alike recommend consuming a minimum of 35 grams of collagen to meet your body's metabolic needs.

Dr. Broda Barnes, M.D., an American physician who devoted his life's work to studying and understanding hypothyroidism and Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., understood the hypothyroidism - liver connection and the impact blood sugar regulation has on metabolism.

Broda Barnes discovered that low thyroid function causes sluggish liver function resulting from high levels of cortisol and endotoxin.

However, collagen can help re-activate your liver by lowering cortisol and endotoxin that inhibit your liver's conversion of thyroid hormone.

Collagen also helps to restore healthy, oxidative metabolism by improving blood-sugar regulation and your ability to metabolize carbohydrates, the exact process necessary to help restore healthy metabolism according to Dr.'s Broda Barnes and Ray Peat.

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Our premium Collagen Protein Hydrolysate is a 100% natural, grass-fed collagen protein specifically designed to unblock your liver, restore healthy, oxidative metabolism, and help boost your thyroid.

It also helps to reduce inflammation, regulate body weight, promote deeper, more restful sleep, restore youthful skin, healthy hair, stronger nails, and so much more!

A healthy metabolism is key to proper liver and thyroid function.

One of the biggest mistakes most doctors make when prescribing common hypothyroidism medications is focusing solely on the thyroid gland, itself, and failing to address the other 4 levels of the Thyroid Hormone Pathway that all make up our thyroid health.

As the founder of Forefront Health, Tom Brimeyer suffered from hypothyroidism for years.

After too many doctors visits to count that led to nothing but dead ends, he set out to do his own research on the topic of hypothyroidism.

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