Our founder, Tom Brimeyer, originally designed and formulated our Thyroid-Boosting Products specifically for his private practice clients.

Yet, as his practice grew so did the interest in his work and products.

In 2016, due to increasing demands he began releasing his thyroid-boosting supplements to the public.

Tom understood that there’s more to your thyroid health than just your thyroid gland.

Restoring your entire Thyroid Hormone Pathway is key.

Unfortunately, most doctors are trained only to treat your thyroid gland and lab values, then send you on your way without listening or understanding that you still continue to suffer.

That's why Tom always says... "If you can’t get the right thyroid hormone to your cells, or your cells can’t use it efficiently, then it won't matter how much thyroid medication you use... you'll always be hypothyroid."

Tom Brimeyer, founder of Forefront Health

It's the same approach that Tom used to develop this line of Thyroid-Boosting Supplements.

And it's the same approach that has worked for thousands of thyroid sufferers that haven't found relief with the traditional medical model.

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