Return Policy

You'll Love Your Forefront Health Supplements, We Promise!

Our clients and customers love our thyroid-boosting supplements, simply because of how incredible they make them feel.

Yet, that doesn’t mean there can’t be bumps along the road for a small percentage of thyroid sufferers. I’ll explain why below.

Trust me, we believe that your thyroid supplements should be helping you to reduce stress, not to add more stress your plate.

That’s what makes Forefront Health different.

We don’t just sell supplements.

We specially formulate, test, and perfect our thyroid supplements for our clients.

Now, after having used them with many hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of customers, you can bet we know all the ins and outs and how to smooth out any bumps you might encounter.

That’s the Forefront Health Promise.

Contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll be happy to…

Work with you personally to determine the cause of the problem to ensure that you get the results you expect. (Almost all problems encountered with our supplements are due to underlying issues that we can help fix, and not the supplements themselves.)

If we can’t help fix it, or it’s just not a good fit, then we’ll work with you to determine the best supplement option for you and replace it at no cost.

Or, if you're just not satisfied then you can return the supplement and we’ll refund you in full, less the cost of shipping.

But, we don’t expect it will come to that… because we don’t want you to continue to struggle with your thyroid health. We don’t stand for that.

When you purchase our supplements, you become part of the Forefront Health family.

That’s why we make it our goal to ensure that you get the best thyroid-boosting results with your supplements so you can truly start feeling like the happy and healthy you again.

For all general inquiries, please contact us