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Featured Collagen Protein Powder Reviews



"Never thought I would feel this good..."

I have used a number of protein powders and I can feel a difference after my workout and in general well being. As with all of your products, love !!! Never thought I would feel this good. Levothyroxine never made me feel this way! 😁
- Kimberly W.


"I've had friends and family ask me what I've been doing..."

I've been taking your collagen and using it in my coffee and recipes. It has helped my thyroid hormone production, my metabolism, my blood sugar, helped improve sleep, and my skin hair and nails. I've had friends and family ask me what I've been doing and I've mentioned your collagen and they said, well whatever you are doing, you need to keep doing it. They've noticed improvement in my overall appearance not to mention my thyroid function. This is something I'll keep using for as long as I can - thank you.
- Kim C.


"I keep it on my counter where it's always in view..."

This collagen is easy to take and blends into anything with no problem. I keep it on my counter where it's always in view, and that way I am reminded to add it to anything I'm drinking, hot or cold, or my protein shakes. I think your price is very good compared to others and I trust this company and it's passion to help me in my quest to heal my thyroid. Thanks!
- Kendra B.


Featured Raw Desiccated Thyroid Reviews



"Couldn't be happier!!!"

Overall experience has been very good...great in fact. I just finished 2 weeks taking one in the morning with my prescription Levothyroxin (been on for about 30 years). What was extremely important to me was to have information and guidance on proper way to use Thyroid Glandular, which Tom Brimeyer has provided in his program. The education is vital. That removed fears and gave me the confidence that I would be okay. I knew from my symptoms that I just needed the T3 hormone this product provides as I wasn't achieving satisfactory results on T4 only, and with following recommendations for improving T4 to T3 conversion, I still had high cholesterol and mild sluggishness. I am happy to say "I am happy". You know sometimes sluggishness, depression can be so mild or we are use to it,..crazy..but I can't get over how much better I feel, and hope that this product along with Vit ADK, cholesterol will come down to recommended level by Tom B. (again lots of info he provides on this subject in his program) Thank you so much for providing great service and great products.
- Karen W.


"I feel like a new me..."

My overall experience has been awesome. I feel soo much more energetic and having started losing small amounts of weight. My symptoms of hypothyroidism (cold all the time, dry and brittle hair / finger nails, and constipation) have all disappeared. I feel like a new Me.. .thank you soooo much.
- Louann J.


"I love this product so much I bought 2 more bottles..."

I have been on Levothyroxine for 10 years and just believed the way I felt was normal and as good as it was going to get. The first day, I took my Levothyroxine, and about an hour later had one pill with breakfast. About 3 hours later I felt noticeably more alert- my brain fog had disappeared— and I felt altogether happier, with more energy. I was truly shocked at how much of a difference this supplement has made for me. I’ve also noticed positive changes in digestion and I am also sleeping better. I love this product so much I bought 2 more bottles, and recommended it to my sister. Amazing.
- Unha H.


Featured Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula Reviews



"So thankful I finally tried these products"

I bought everything, except the coffee...the first day I noticed I felt better. I've been taking it now since Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, I am so thankful for how much better I feel and the long lasting energy I have. The anxiety has left and the depression is gone. I have a cleaning business and now I have the enduring energy to go all day. I lost a couple of pounds. This is truly an answered prayer. And my skin is glowing, plus I look younger. Thank you so much...I will never go without these products.
- Tracy M.


"Very happy with the products..."

I have both the Vit ADK and the Molecular Progesterone. I have noticed results in the last couple of weeks. I am not nearly as tired, my anxiety seems to be in check, my joint pain has diminished greatly, and my over all sense of well being has improved. Very happy with the products thus far.
- Tracy R.


"Since using Forefront products, I feel life changing benefits..."

I’ve been taking this for over 6 months now and it works great! I have no stomach upset using this product; other **** supplements have caused upset stomach. Since using Forefront products, I feel life changing benefits including a decrease in thyroid symptoms including relief of joint pain and thyroid pain. I recommend it!
- Amy P.


Featured Molecular Progesterone Complex Reviews



"I finally have found something that works"

The progesterone has given me amazing results. My hot flashes have decreased. I am now sleeping better. It has helped me increased my appetite which has been poor for quite a while. I feel more mentally alert. I have been using over the counter progesterone creams for years which has not worked for me. I finally have found something that works.
- Lisa M.


"This complex has many unexpected benefits..."

OK - I'm losing weight - this is not why I ordered this. I've had hashimotos for 40 years and had 1/2 of my thyroid removed due to a nodule. This complex has many unexpected benefits. Plus, I had a question when my TSH blood test came back and there was less than .01% TSH. I contacted Forefront Health and they got back to me the next working day & my MD really appreciated that! You gotta try this! Oh! I'm not cold - wow - I've been cold for so many years, it's weird to NOT be cold! Noticing my skin is changing, also my reproduction system is doing something different - the endometrium is enlarging, not sure it's related, but there's other stuff happening too.
- Cindy J.


"Life saver!!!!!"

I'm 61 and have been suffering since my daughter was born, she will be 29 this year. After having her I got a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, I was prescribed the normal synthroid it helped with with weight gain and depression but not all the Hashimoto's symptoms. It was treated like hypothyroid but that's not what I had. To make a long, long story as short as I can, I've been fighting all the symptoms of Hashimoto's dry skin, puffy under eyes, thinning hair, dry brittle and ridges in nails, depression, mood issues, low energy, goiter, not to mention my 29 year battle with IBS aka spastic colon. Anyway my sister posted the ad from Fore front health and the words Hashimoto's jumped out at me. I'm like, what do I have to lose. I've tried almost everything even topical natural Progesterone creams (no change at all with the creams) but I figured I've never used anything that was **** before let's see if can get some benefits. The very first thing I noticed was that I was calmer, things that normally caused me to fly off the handle or freak out was no big deal. My husband no longer annoys me lol, poor guy. Next I noticed that I didn't have those aches and pains in my wrists and ankles. Then I noticed I was sleeping better and it's true I'm dreaming in color and remembering my dreams. I even had a dream that I was eating cake and could even taste the different flavors. So, back to other benefits my goiter that I've had for 29 years has shrunk to half it's size Yay! I'm so excited about that. My big bloated belly has reduced in size. Now this is super exciting for me, my IBS has improved so much that I'm no longer house bound and I'm even able to eat a little cheese again and go out and have fun with my Grand Daughter, Yipee!! I'm just in me first bottle on the second week. So don't wait if you have any symptoms of estrogen dominance GET the Molecular Progesterone Complex Right NOW!
- Lesly V.


Featured Micronized Pregnenolone Powder Reviews



"I have noted a definite change in my mental clarity & in my energy..."

I have noted a definite change in my mental clarity & in my energy since taking Pregnenolone along with the ADK vitamins. For the first three days I took it I experienced a different feeling in the back of my neck which diminished each time until it disappeared. I took that sensation to mean that it was working to balance out my hormones & I do feel balanced as well as energized.
- Sharon B.


Featured Vitamin B Thyroid Complex Reviews



"No longer struggling just to stay awake..."

I'm Feeling better with more energy and alertness. No longer struggling just to stay awake. This B complex is so easy to add to my morning juice. I have reduced metalation from two mutated MTHFR genes so getting enough B vitamins that are absorbed is extra important for me. Thanks for the great health information & supplements. I'm finally beginning to feel better with more energy than I've had in a long time.
- Candice H.


Featured Thyro-Protect Vitamin E Complex Reviews



"Excellent, easy to use product!"

I purchased the vitamin E along with the B and ADK vitamins. I also started implementing the dietary changes suggested in the book and blog and have noticed significant changes within a week! The vitamin E is very easy to use and doesn’t have any unpleasant aftertaste.
- Lynn D.


Featured Cascara Sagrada Powder Reviews



"Helped me get regular..."

I love this product! I was having gut issues and they weren't getting any better. I don't like over the counter meds because they cause other problems. This is the best thing I've tried and so easy to use! I put it in my morning smoothie and that's it! What could be easier? So glad I found this product!
- Dawn C.


Featured Thyro-Boost Coffee Reviews



"Don't have to give up coffee, yay!"

I have hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. It was suggested that I remove coffee. Coffee is an experience for me—not just a product. After giving up gluten, soy, dairy and sugar, adding coffee seemed a bit too far. Thanks to Forefront, I don’t have to. I add coconut cream and collagen and Forefront vitamin B drops, and the coffee is wonderful and my thyroid doesn’t suffer. I have reduced the medication. I love, love ❤️ love this product.
- Pamela A.