Wave Goodbye to Sleep Issues

Your ability to sleep and stay asleep largely depends on the health of your liver.

When you become hypothyroid, your liver loses the ability to produce and store glycogen (a form of sugar your body relies on, especially at night when you don't eat for a long period of time).

This drop in blood sugar triggers the activation of your stress response, where we oftentimes see surges of adrenaline. And it's these surges of adrenaline that wake you up and prevent you from going back to sleep.

What about for those of you that wake up feeling more exhausted than when you went to bed in the first place?

...This has everything to do with your metabolism.

Simply put, without regenerative sleep, your chances of improving your thyroid health are slim to none.

And that's exactly why we created supplements to help you sleep better at night so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day!

Top 3 Recommendations
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Collagen Protein Powder

Our Collagen Protein Powder helps to:

  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Prevent Accelerated Aging
  • Support Happy, Healthy Gut Function
  • Strong Bones, Joints, & Muscles
The Estrogen Equalizer

Molecular Progesterone Complex

Our Molecular Progesterone Complex helps to:

  • Promote Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Eliminate Hot Flashes
  • Reduce Joint Pain
  • Protect Against Anxiety & Stress
The Reset Button

Micronized Pregnenolone Powder

Our Micronized Pregnenolone Powder helps to:

  • Improve Memory & Mental Clarity
  • Boost Libido
  • Improve Mood & Relieve Anxiety
  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep

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Add Our Raw Desiccated Thyroid to Feel Even More Well-Rested!

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Raw Desiccated Thyroid

Our Raw Desiccated Thyroid helps to:

  • Restore Brain Function
  • Alleviate Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Boost Your Mood & Happiness
  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep