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Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula

217 reviews

"I am very happy with vitamin ADK. I noticed immediately that I had a brighter outlook & more energy. I sleep better & it’s much more restorative."

- Sharon, Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula Customer

Our best-selling Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula is optimized to help restore metabolism, boost natural immunity, restore youthful, healthy skin, reduce inflammation, restore bone & joint health, protect against heart disease, and so much more!

When it comes to thyroid health, it's hard to beat all of the benefits this powerful formula brings to the table. With the ability to increase T3 levels by up to 61% and lower Hashimoto's thyroiditis antibodies by 46.7%, this is a must-have for anyone suffering from the seemingly debilitating symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Get the synergistic benefits of vitamin a, vitamin d, and vitamin k all in one, proprietary formula without the cost of having to buy all three individually!

    Why Your Thyroid Health Depends On These 3 Thyroid-Boosting Vitamins

    Did you know that vitamins A, D, and K are all essential to your thyroid health?

    Did you also know that they are commonly deficient in hypothyroidism sufferers?

    Each is essential for you to produce and use thyroid hormone.

    For example, without adequate Vitamin A, your body can’t use thyroid hormone or produce the thyroid-protective anti-aging hormones necessary to regulate your thyroid function.

    In fact, low vitamin A is a well-known cause of hypothyroidism today. We’ve also found that low Vitamin A is the most common reason our customers don’t respond to their thyroid medication or supplement.

    Vitamins D and K play an integral role in regulating your metabolism so that you can use thyroid hormone efficiently.

    Inadequate Vitamin D also makes you more susceptible to developing Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease) and increases autoimmune-thyroid TPO-antibody production.

    The bottom line is... without adequate amounts of these essential vitamins, your cells can’t use the thyroid hormone they so desperately need.

    Why You'll Love Our Vitamin ADK Thyroid Formula

    This Is Where the Magic Happens

    It's What's Inside That Counts


    Easy As 1-2-3!

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      Martha M.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Great product

      The ADK combination is awesome. So easy to use. I was originally putting it in juice. Then I discovered that it really doesn’t taste bad and started adding it to water. Super easy!

      Verna R.
      I recommend this product
      Anxiety and sleep

      I just ordered 2 bottles makes 4. I first started take almost a year ago. I was waking up with anxiety w/o any reason and had hard time sleeping. Had an accident & wasnt taking like I should. Noticed I started waking up again with anxiety attacks.. so Have ordered more..do not want to be without. The medication I was on has really effected my sleep and now they think it is sleep apnea... hoping this will help with sleep and it isnt apnea (fingers crossed). Now have breathing problems in which hoping it will help with that too..but I know it will help with the anxiety... it sure did before .if you tske like you should... I felt so much better.. it's worth it

      Tina W.
      United States United States
      Like it!

      I take this with my veggies at night so I don’t taste it!

      Michal K.
      United States United States
      good customer service

      On paper this supplement seemed like it would be a game changer and the missing link towards optimal thyroid support. And indeed I did find that it helped out a bit.. But my personal experience was that it might have been too much at times. So I just have it on an "as needed basis." With eager optimism I decided to double down and save on the shipping cost.... but eventually I realized this wasn't going to be the ultimate solution for me and asked to return one of the bottles and customer service was reasonable and generous with making sure I was satisfied. The return took a while to get processed, but it happened and it was beyond their usual policy.. So I'm grateful for that. Thank you for treating your customers well.

      Jeannie C.
      United States United States
      Vit ADK

      Very positive! For myself and recommend it on my practice

      NGOZI O.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      Very good

      It’s really very good and I have noticed my join is not painful anymore I am working very well now and have much strength.

      Kathryn S.
      Canada Canada
      Vitamin ADK

      I love it, works great

      Martha M.
      United States United States
      Vitamin ADK

      A great experience and excellent results.

      Elaine V.
      United States United States
      Ease of Use

      I like that it is easy to use.

      Pauline B.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      Best one around

      This formula is very helpful to me. I tried to use more local formulas ( I live in the U.K.) but this one is better than any other formula I tried. I sleep better and have more energy.