Metabolic-Boost MCT Oil

32 reviews

"I've been cooking with MCT Oil for years, but never knew I could benefit from taking it straight. I've noticed an increase in energy ever since I started taking it by spoon each morning. Thank you for creating another amazing product!"

- Jennifer, Metabolic Boost MCT Oil Customer

Our premium Metabolic Boost MCT Oil is intended to help increase energy levels, improve insulin production and sensitivity in type II diabetes, help decrease fat production & accumulation, protect against endotoxin, protect against PUFAs, and so much more!

In fact, research has shown MCT Oil can increase levels of keto-acids in the blood by as much as 25x! And for those that don't know, keto-acids can be readily used for energy, in particular by the brain. That translates to a big increase in available energy to help thyroid sufferers fight fatigue and mental fog!

Replace your regular cooking oils with MCT Oil and start reaping the benefits of increased energy and decreased fat storage, all while boosting your metabolism and thyroid health!