Raw Desiccated Thyroid (130 mg capsules)

1798 reviews

"Thirty years of Hashimoto’s and there has never been any change... Now I have energy, I sleep much, much better, my skin has improved, pain levels are down, and my depression has lifted! For thirty years my body temperature has been 96.4 to 97.6 degrees. Now it’s right at 98.6. I have a metabolism again!"

- Sally, Raw Desiccated Thyroid Customer

Use with thyroid medication or alone (if not using thyroid medication) - our raw desiccated thyroid supplement can help restore metabolism & thyroid health, improve liver health, protect against stress, heart disease, and so much more!

If you suffer from hypothyroidism and your thyroid medication isn't quite doing the trick, then we want you to know you are not alone!

Rather than focusing on just the symptoms, we attack the root of the problem - fixing the thyroid hormone pathway. Restore thyroid-supportive youth hormones, re-activate your thyroid hormone pathway, and re-balance thyroid-suppressive hormones with our Thyroid Glandular derived from pristine New Zealand bovine (cows).

Add an all-natural solution and get back to living your life!