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Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device

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"Once I discovered how powerful red light therapy could be and the benefits it has on thyroid health, I knew I had to try it. Fast forward almost one month later and I'm hooked."

- Sherri, Forefront Health Customer

Our Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device is perfect for Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's thyroiditis sufferers looking to boost their thyroid health, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, prevent hair loss, help with weight management by boosting energy & metabolism at the cellular level, help with arthritis, and general pain & inflammation.

Therapeutic red light is great for those looking to improve skin health, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and prevent hair loss, while Near-Infrared (NIR) light penetrates deeper into the tissue & muscles. Near-Infrared light is used to help restore healthy thyroid function, reduce general pain & inflammation, and improve recovery times after strenuous activity. 

Get the best of both worlds (skin + deep tissue) with both Red + NIR!

Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device details:

  • Each light comes with 3 settings - Red, NIR, and both Red + NIR
  • Can be used as standalone product or mounted to a door or wall
  • Quad-Wave Peak Activation (620nm, 670nm, 760nm, 830nm)
  • Size: 10.25" x 8.25" x 2.75"
  • LEDs: 60 x 5W
  • Irradiance: >150 mW/cm2 @ 6 inches.

Power Cord Options: Our Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device is designed to operate anywhere in the world using a wide input voltage range from 85 to 265 Volts AC. Available power cord options include:

  • US/CA
  • UK
  • EU
  • AU

Orders will ship with the appropriate power cord based on the delivery address of the order. Is your country not listed? All devices will also operate with a simple US plug adapter (not included).

Why You'll Love the Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device

This Is Where the Magic Happens

Why We Chose to Include 4 Wavelengths...

Easy As 1-2-3!

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    Nuha K.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product
    Amazing results in a short time

    I suffer from hypothyroidism which caused joint pain all around my body. I started, about one month ago, with 2 min per day for three days then one day break. I repeated the scenario by increasing to 4, 6, 8, and finally 10 minutes per day. I was targeting the light towards my neck (thyroid glad). After just the three 2-min sessions, the pain disappeared in one of my ankles. The pain in the other joints did not go. So, I started applying the light directly to these joins. Each joint took a couple of days to feel better. So far I did not go over ten minutes per day total. So, I split 6 min for my thyroid and 4 minutes for the individual joint. I am hopping this will result in reducing the T4 supplement I use; but won't know until perhaps a few months. I'll be more than happy to publish updates. This way more people get advantage of this amazing machine. Lots of thanks to Dr Brimeyer and his staff for making these useful products available to us.

    Joan J.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Haven't been using long enough yet to know if it's really working

    I'm just going on my 3rd week with this product. Using it every other day and I have no idea if it's doing anything for my thyroid, which is my primary reason for getting it. However, I have used it for some back pain and it does seem to help that, which has been pretty startling. I also noticed that seems to have relaxed my throat muscles or something, because it's been easier to sing when I wanted to. This after years of tightness most of the time and preventing me from singing along with my favorite music. So, for now, I'll recommend the product even though I don't know yet if it's working for what I got it for.

    Jennifer V.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Multiple uses

    I use this light everyday for overall health and anti-aging. If I have a skin rash or joint pain I put the light up to it and it feels better the next day. I have it sitting on a shelf and I just sit by it for 8 minutes a day. I try to expose my thyroid and scalp for hairloss. I'm very satified with the quality and price of this light.

    TINA M.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product
    I like it!

    I am enjoying it so far,but I'm wondering if it's normal that only one red light on two light up for red light lines.wondering if I'm getting the full effect.

    Bronte A.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Amazing Device

    I've been using this device for a few weeks now and am loving the results. It's made a difference in my skin overall and I've also noticed improvement in my thyroid function. Combined with the rest of the program I think this has helped me a great deal. My Mom had a major hand injury last year and hasn't been able to use it normally ever since, but the red light therapy has helped her a lot because she can actually bend her hand and grip with a lot less pain than before. I'm excited to see what it does with continued use as we gradually increase the treatment time, as the instructions indicate. This device was sold out for months and I managed to get one just as it came back in and I'm glad I did!

    alexis R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Slept soundly last nite

    Earlier in the day I sat with the light for three minutes. I am working up to it slowly but more is not always best.

    A Forefront Health Customer
    Pamela B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Love it!

    While I have not had it very long to know if it is helping in any way, I love the solid construction and that it is ready to use right out of the box. I don't use the pulley system much, but it is a great idea. I love the way the RED light feels on my joints. I use the NIR on my thyroid, but as I said it is too soon to tell if it helping a visible nodule. Thank you. In fact, I have recommended it to a few people who want to know the next time that it is on sale.

    Andrea E.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device

    the quality and value of this device is really good, very happy i purchased not only to heal my thyroid, but can be used for so many other issues.

    Ronalyn P.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Quad-Wave Red Light

    Nothing short of amazing!!

    Rebecca C.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Thyroid Improvement!

    I received my Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device about a month ago and started using it the same day it arrived. All parts of my thyroid panel were out of range, with the TSH being 300+ and needed to be under 200. Last week I had a scheduled blood test. By lowering the dosage of my medication and using the Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device, my TSH dropped to within the normal range of 183. I had been on this same dosage for years! I will be returning for another “6-week” test in a few more weeks, and in light of my recent test, my doctor slightly lowered my medication yet again and I continue using the Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device. I am looking forward to seeing how each part of the thyroid panel will be improving. Oh, and I’ve lost 5 pounds, too!! My daughter is on the waiting list to get a Quad-Wave Red Light Therapy Device because I feel this is working for me!